In SAMAN TAJHIZ quality is everyone's responsibility.
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Technical Support

Saman Tajhiz is committed to Total Customer satisfaction through a clear understanding of their customers’ and principal's requirements. Our aim is to meet and exceed our customers’, suppliers’ and principal's expectations by providing reliable service the first time, every time. A continuous review of our processes and services will be maintained.
A quality customer and technical support experience requires commitment and consistent effort from everyone. Saman Tajhiz Noor ensures a serious commitment from every employee in the organization and from our distributor partners to deliver excellent services and exceed customer expectations.
We measure our effectiveness against key metrics with the objective to continually raise the bar and improve. Examples of service metrics include:

• Availability
• Repair quality
• Word-of-mouth promotion

Coupled with Saman Tajhiz Noor’s commitment to service, we strive to listen to our customers and act with an appropriate sense of urgency,

Technical Contact:
Unit 1, No. 8 - East 2nd Alley - Panjtan St.
Abshenasan Highway - Tehran - Iran
+98 21 85518
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