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Cardiac Markers Kits

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most important causes of mortality, as well as the crucial issue for healthcare organizations around the world. When the cardiovascular system suffers from harm or stress, cardiac markers are released from heart to the blood stream. Early detection of cardiac markers and reducing the mortality rate of these diseases is done through different methods, one of which being the measurement of cardiac markers‏.
Measurement of these markers is useful for the risk assessment of patients with chest pain, and it helps with diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome and conditions of reduced blood flow to the heart (ischemia). Cardiac markers detection is a useful tool to monitor the treatment of cardiac patients as well.
Saman Tajhiz Noor is a leading supplier of high-quality cardiac markers kits all over the country.
•  Troponin I
•  Digoxin
•  hs-CRP
•  CK-MB
•  Myoglobin
•  Homocysteine
•  HDL-Cholesterol
•  LDL-Cholesterol
•  Apolipoproteine A-1
•  Apolipoproteine B
•  Apolipoproteine Lp(a)
•  Fetuin-A
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